I was born and raised in Mexico City, one of the largest and craziest cities in the world. When I was a young boy, I realized that I had a gift for drawing, and I spent many hours a day in front of the TV, drawing everything I watched, from Don Gato (TOP CAT) to Los Amos del Universo (Masters of the Universe) and everything in between. Little did I know that spending so much time in front of the most advanced gadget of those days (the color TV) would pave the road to my professional career, creative marketing combined with one of my passions, technology.


After graduating as a graphic designer from one of the best schools in Mexico, I started my own company under the name of TOP MIND.


In 2000 I moved with my wife to New York City and, for the next eight years, I worked in different agencies in the tri-state area. Without noticing, I became a unique breed: an award-winning creative with a master’s degree in marketing from ITESM (Mexico's best university). After returning to Mexico City and acting as a director of operations for an international ad agency, I was offered an opportunity to move to Denver, Colorado, where I became an important asset for one of the largest shopper marketing agencies in the world while enjoying the beautiful Rocky Mountains with my family.



Luis Gerardo Garcia-Jurado ©2019

Disclaimer: Some of the pieces shown in the portfolio section where my creation, others were created by my team or other teams at the agency or other agencies mostly as a result of my direction or collaboration.