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Local beers are in! Small breweries are popping up in every corner and there are two good reasons for that, the trend of supporting local business and the joy of tasting a fresh brew.

Well, Miller Lite is a local beer; at least in Fort Worth Texas where it was born in 1975 and is still brewed. This is a very compelling argument to create a big campaign to remind Texans that Miller Lite has the Fort Worth values, that it has been part of their lifes for a long time, employing their people, supporting their community and, of course, that it is as fresh as it can be.

Miller Lite / Brewed and Raised in Fort Worth

In 2015 we launched this campaign in two phases, the first one that educates the new consumers on the fact that it is a local beer and that the red Miller sign they see every day means that there is their local brewery where Miller Lite inherits the Fort Worth values from the people that work there. 

The second phase will be more community focus. The brewery will become a destination, it will support community activities and the workers will be the spoke persons. 


This campaign will be heavy on social marketing. The 

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