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Colorado Department of Transportation 

Don't Drive Under the Influence
Hispanic OOH PSA Campaign

In 2016, the Colorado Department of Transportation needed an OOH campaign to create consciousness of the dangers of driving under the influence among Spanish-spe," aking people, mainly males between 21 and 34 years old. We had to communicate that driving under the influence of medication or while intoxicated is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Hispanidad, a Denver-based Hispanic agency asked me to develop this very successful OOH campaign.
"If you light up this one, don't start this one. Do not drive under the influence."

Social Consciousness Through Cultural Insights

Based on the insight of how important is the mother figure for the audience, I created a series of three billboards showing a mourning mother suffering for something that had happened to her son.
In English, the headline says (counterclockwise): "I told him not to drive drunk!", "I told him not to drive while high!" and "He shouldn't have driven while taking that medication!" and they all close with the CTA: "Think about your mom".

We had to educate the audience about the dangers of driving while taking certain medications and the fact that it is also considered driving under the influence (DUI), which can get them arrested, even if the medication was prescribed by their doctor. In English, the headline says "Avoid being arrested." and the prescription calls out: "Do not drive while taking this medication." The one in the right says "Driving medicated IS driving high" "Does your medications have restrictions?"

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