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Colorado Department of Transportation

Don't Drive Under the Influence 

This 2017 Emmy-award-winning spot features a well-known local Spanish rock band, IZCALLI, and its leader, Miguel Aviña, speaking, documentary style, about how you can drink and have fun as long as you decide not to drive because, in real life, there is no replay. This all takes place during one of their concerts where he closes with a catchphrase inviting people to be smart, have fun, and not drive drunk.
Hay Que Reventarse Pero No Arriesgarse
La Última Y Nos Vamos
The last drink before taking off

This is a well-known saying in Latin America and it resonates very well with our audience because, when it is used, it means you have had enough to drink. The spot starts as a high-end tequila brand commercial where the character speaks about it and then he says that he has been drunk before but he has not done something as stupid as driving drunk. He continues by saying that real men don't drink and drive. And he finishes using the well-known saying La última y nos vamos and wraps it up with... takes off to where? the hospital? jail? the morgue?

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