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OrganicGirl Green Water

Integrated Marketing Launch Campaign

To make the most of a campaign, especially a launch campaign, it is imperative to have a presence throughout the path to purchase. This is the case with OrganicGirl and the launch of its lettuce-based water. 


In pre-retail communication, it is essential to tell your audience that you exist, first and foremost. Then, communicate the product benefits. Finally, you must connect emotionally. It was important for OrganicGirl to make clear that the reason why it exists is to help its consumers replenish their water intake with a healthy beverage company that shares their values and concerns. This communication consists of print ads, OOH, and digital advertising.


The social media channels can play an integral role in communicating the existence and benefits of the product and also having it “mingle” in consumers’ digital social lives, starting to build that emotional connection so OrganicGirl will become top of mind once they are in the store.


Inside the store, out-of-aisle communication is a great way to disrupt the shopper's journey. Having fridges as end caps is one of the best methods to do such a thing. Also, the use of shelf blades is very successful in standing out in the already-crowded juice section. Another vital tactic, as you can see here, is to create a cross-merchandising promotion with one of OrganicGirl's better-known products, the greens.


At the post-retail stage, the usage of digital couponing apps, like iBotta, is a great tactic to incentivize repurchase and start the cycle again. 

Brand Positioning - Pre-Retail

Print Ads - Pre-Retail

Be Omnipresent Throughout the Entire Path to Purchase

Digital Advertising - Pre-Retail

Out of Home - Pre-Retail

Product Design - Retail

Social Media - Pre-Retail

Shelf Blades (In-store communication)

Out of Aisle Placement - Retail

Cross Merchandising - Retail

iBotta -  Post-Retail

Images above are not final art. These are all creative concepts. 

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