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Reach Moms Through Their Kids


Hispanic Promotions

El Día del Niño Kellogg's 

Kellogg's Children's Day


Children’s Day is celebrated all across Latin America, and, considering that the largest Hispanic population in the U.S. is of Mexican descent and due to the fact that there is not a lot going on during that period, it was the perfect time and an excellent opportunity for a brand like Kellogg’s to own the holiday. Following the insights into how much Hispanic families over-index in moviegoing, Kellogg’s gave away thousands of movie tickets for the first couple of years. Then we took it to the next level, creating packaging with Hispanic-relevant games and music downloads. 


Comparte Tu Desayuno 

Share Your Breakfast


During the first quarter of every year, Kellogg’s would give a child in need a free breakfast for every special-edition spoon that consumers bought by sending in the UPCs from special packaging and three dollars. It was a beautiful program. It is well-known that Hispanic families value sharing and that they care about their families and their communities. With this insight, we created the highly sharing- and community-focused program for Kellogg’s. It was a great success for driving share for Kellogg’s. 

Build Empathy Through a Cause

This program was such a big success that, even though it was intended to be for the Hispanic market only, general-market stores asked for it and ran it twice in one year. 

Satisface tu Hambre
por el FC Barcelona

Bring Home the
FC Barcelona EDGE



Sharing Your Audience's Passions:

A Great Way to Overcome Language Barriers

Latin Grammys Street Parties 


Retailtainment has always been a great way to bring brands to the people for a closer, more personal connection and even more so for the Hispanic audience. In this case, the activation at retail not only gave shoppers a reason to visit the store, but it also gave them the opportunity to win tickets to the Latin Grammys Street Parties and meet-and-greets with their favorite artists.



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