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Affinity Creative Group

Brand Strategy & Marketing

Beyond making sure that the entire creative development of the agency was world-class by maintaining a talented team engaged, inspired, and motivated; as the Chief Creative Officer, I was also in charge of the corporate identity, and the brand, and marketing development. I started by defining a clear vision and mission and a positioning statement that would set our unique space in the industry.


Then I moved to build a unique agency culture based on trust, open communication, teamwork, and fun, which became the values of the organization.


I was very successful at creating a brand that stands for expertise, experience, creativity, upscale design, and high standards. 



Find Your Place in the Industry Based on Your Strengths and

Claim It

Vision And Passion:
The Formula for Success

Use Every Resource to Show You're the Expert 

A powerful way for brands in the wine industry to tell their unique stories is through videos, and my incredibly talented creative team always delivered astonishing videos filled with emotion that became award-worthy mini-films that captured the essence of each brand. These were some of my favorite projects for the beauty and the craft of them.

Building brands through emotional storytelling

Three-finger Jack Wine

Black Stallion Wines


HELFRICH Outfitters

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