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Blending Art, Strategy, and Emotion

In the world of wine, where the essence of the earth meets the craftsmanship of the vintner, branding transcends the traditional. My tenure in the wine industry, guiding brands from the iconic Woodbridge to the boutique Text Book wine, has been a journey of marrying art with the subtle science of consumer engagement. As the creative force behind label redesigns and digital storytelling at Affinity Creative Group and WineGlass Marketing, I've navigated the unique challenges and opportunities this industry presents.


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The Art of Wine Labeling

In the wine aisle, the battle for attention is won on the label. It's a canvas where the brand's personality and the varietal's character must shine vividly enough to break through the clutter. With research suggesting a significant majority of consumers are swayed by the label design in their wine selection, the stakes couldn't be higher. 

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My role in the label redesigns for these brands was not just about aesthetics but about creating a visceral connection with the consumer at first glance.


Two examples of projects that will highlight the contrasts of the industry are Woodbridge By Robert Mondavi, a 6-million cases per year and Text Book, a 600-cases per year production.


Woodbridge's journey was meticulously calibrated with focus groups and market research, mirroring the precision of consumer-packaged goods.

While overseeing this project from the creative perspective, the talented Affinity Creative designers found really interesting ways to tell the Woodbridge story. Below you will find a few options presented to the client.

Woodbridge by Robert.png
Woodbridge examples.jpg

in contrasts:

Text Book, one of my favorite wines, was a direct reflection of the winery owner's vision, a testament to the personal story behind the brand. He new what he was envisioning and we were able to create a design that really reflected this wine's personality. Here are the designs:

TextBook examples of labels.jpg


Elevating Brands Beyond the Bottle

The narrative doesn't end with the label. A wine brand's essence needs to extend to every touchpoint, especially in retail environments where visibility is crucial. Designing floor displays for Menage A Trois' portfolio was about striking the perfect balance between eye-catching appeal and cost-effectiveness, ensuring the brand stood out while respecting budgetary constraints.

Menage Ferris Wheel.png


Transitioning this brand essence to the digital realm was another dimension of my leadership. At Affinity Creative, we crafted websites that didn't just showcase wine but communicated the soul of each brand. Through videos, we bridged the gap between the consumer and the vineyard, creating an emotional resonance that transcends the digital barrier, turning viewers into visitors and visitors into loyal customers.

Wine Barrels

In the wine industry, where each bottle tells a story of heritage, terroir, and passion, I've been privileged to translate these narratives into compelling brand experiences. It's a journey that continues to inspire me, pushing the boundaries of creativity to connect the world's finest wines with those eager to discover them.

Direct-to-Consumer Mastery

Leading WineGlass Marketing creative offerings, our mission was to transcend traditional marketing, weaving direct-to-consumer strategies that leveraged compelling email and social media campaigns. Our work with New Frontier and Bounty Hunter showcased our ability to drive online sales, turning casual browsers into devoted buyers. The success of these campaigns was rooted in a deep understanding of branding, shopper marketing, and the digital landscape, underscored by our recognition with industry accolades like the POP award for Menage A Trois and the Nielsen Design Award for the Robert Mondavi Private Selection label redesign.

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A Creative Leader's Vision


At the heart of these achievements is a belief in the power of great design, strategic marketing, and insights into human behavior. My career is built on the foundation of creating successful marketing funnels fueled by inspiration and guided by leadership. Whether navigating the nuanced preferences of wine enthusiasts or crafting the next award-winning campaign, my journey is about connecting brands with people and creating moments of discovery and delight.

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