In 2014, MillerCoors decided to launch the limited edition Miller Lite "white can" following the vintage trends bringing good memories to an older demographic, and legitimacy to a younger one.

It was an instant success. Hype rose along with sales, people were buying it and commenting on social media. It was the right move for a declining brand.

It was so successful that the Miller Lite team decided to keep the "White Can", but they went above and beyond. They stripped the brand off from all the gimmicks and fads that had acquired through the time.  TBWA agencies (Chiat Day, Juniper Park, and The Integer Group) were in charge of creating, developing, and implementing the new strategy. 

Packaging Re-birth

Owning a Shape

These images above and concepts were created mostly by Juniper Park in 2015 and show how the new identity affected everything that we created at The Integer Group.

Disclaimer: Some of the pieces shown in the portfolio section were my creation, others were created by my team or other teams at the agency or other agencies mostly as a result of my direction or collaboration.

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