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Integrated Marketing Product Launch Campaign

Product Design - Retail

To maximize the impact of a campaign, particularly during a product launch, it is crucial to establish a presence throughout the entire customer journey. This was the strategy for OrganicGirl in launching its innovative lettuce-based water.


During the pre-retail phase, it is vital to first inform your target audience of your brand's existence. Subsequently, communicate the product's unique benefits and establish an emotional connection. OrganicGirl aimed to convey that its core mission is to provide consumers with a healthy beverage alternative from a company that shares their values and priorities. This messaging was delivered through a combination of print ads, out-of-home (OOH) advertising, and digital campaigns.


Social media channels serve as a valuable tool for promoting both the product's existence and benefits while integrating it into consumers' digital social lives. This approach fosters an emotional connection and ensures that OrganicGirl becomes top of mind once customers enter the store.


In-store, out-of-aisle communication effectively disrupts the shopper's journey. Utilizing fridges as end caps and shelf blades helps the product stand out in the crowded juice section. Additionally, cross-merchandising promotions with OrganicGirl's more established products, such as their greens, further bolster visibility and consumer interest.


Following the retail experience, leveraging digital couponing apps like iBotta encourages repeat purchases and reinitiates the customer journey. By covering each stage of the path to purchase, OrganicGirl's comprehensive campaign ensures maximum exposure and long-lasting consumer connections.

Brand Positioning - Pre-Retail

Be Omnipresent Throughout the Entire Path to Purchase

Print Ads - Pre-Retail

Digital Advertising - Pre-Retail

Out of Home - Pre-Retail

Social Media - Pre-Retail

Shelf Blades (In-store communication)

Cross Merchandising - Retail

iBotta -  Post-Retail

Out of Aisle Placement - Retail

The images above are not final art. These are all creative concepts developed for GURU

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