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In-Store Displays

Sensory Experiences Shape Brand Perception

NOKIA Latin America


During the mobile revolution, I was in charge of creating all the POS and sales kits for Latin American countries. 

To be more efficient, NOKIA decided to have all the POS and sales kits designed and produced in the U.S. and shipped to all the countries south of the border.

The challenge was to create POS elements that would be light, foldable, easy to build and work with a system that can feature different products so it would be affordable to ship. 


The portfolio of elements went from temporary to semi-permanent to permanent displays, but all had to follow the same design principles.

The sales kits had to be generic enough so they could be used in every Latin American country and flexible so they can incorporate new sales sheets for new products. 


The permanent display with detachable countertop section won the 2004 Innovation Award at the POP Show in Santiago de Chile.

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